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This project is made on a generic way to create a BackOffice to manage News. On the base of an XML description of the tables, the Add, Modify Delete... pages are dynamikely generated. In the same way the package can parse XML files in the same way as an simple database access.

This tool intends to help developpers to creates quickelly a Backoffice and external flow.


There is already a demo online This demo present the package downloadable below. There is still somes bug and so on, but you can play with it. If found any problems tell me.


I planned to create first independents packages that can be found here at SourceForge. Then I will integrate all.

Please contact me for any wish or questions. You could also use the SourceForge

New release UrhoNews 1.1pre
The new release of the UrhoNews package with demo is online. You can download it with an table example