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This project is made on a generic way to manage access to applications of a BackOffice.

This tool intends to help developpers to integrate quickelly any applications in a Backoffice and to manage acces rights.

It is composed of three basic elements that are: Users - Groups - Applications.

  • Applications are the link to integrated developments.
  • Groups can see, execute aplications depending to its rights.
  • Users belong to groups and so have access to applications
This packages is based o the MetaBase Class, data base abstraction layer, so you can interface it with main SGDB. Untill now we integrates Informix and mySQL packages.


There is a stable package avalable till now.

Next steps:

  • Make Read-Write differents access. (level access rights)
  • Put all pages in templates format
  • ...

Please contact me for any wish or questions. You could also use the SourceForge

New release UrhoNews 1.1pre
The new release of the UrhoNews package with demo is online. You can download it with an table example